Weco is a small team with a big vision for the future of Social News.

We believe the dominant ‘subreddit’ architecture used on most social news websites is no longer adequate for the number of users and communities they support.

We believe communities need new tools that enable them to work together and self-govern more effectively.

And we believe users should have far more say in how the platforms they help to create and maintain are run; including participation in key decisions such as what new features are built into the design and how any surplus profits the system produces are spent.

To tackle these issues we’ve been developing a new social news platform that can offer a solution to each of these problems and more; returning power back to the user base and opening up the door to an exciting range of new possibilities for social news communities to explore.

Find out more about each of the new features we offer on our What We Offer page or try out our alpha release now at weco.io.

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