Posts and branches can exist in multiple locations
in system without creating duplicates

In Weco's design both posts and branches can exist in multiple locations on the platform simultaneously without the need for duplication:

  • When posting new content users have the option to tag it with the names of multiple branches causing it to appear on each branches wall simultaneously whilst remaining a single post in the system with a single comment thread.

  • *Planned Future Feature* The moderators of a branch will be able to request for it to be located in up to 5 parent-branches simultaneously but would require permission from the moderators of each branch to be accepted. This would, for example, allow a community like 'Bristol Artists' to be located in both a 'Bristol' branch and an 'Art' branch at the same time.

  • These changes help to reduce the need for reposts and unnecessary duplications in the branching structure. They also allow for a much more integrated network of communities as branches can form functional connections with as many relevant areas of the site as they find useful.

    Multiple branch locations won't be available until we have had time to test and optimize the platform using a single parent system due to the increase in complexity multiple parent branches introduce. We have designed our code base with this update in mind and will endeavor to release it as soon as possible.

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