'Apps for communities'

Branch 'organelles' are a planned future feature for the platform. They might best be described as 'apps for communities'. Each organelle would be installed into a branch by its moderators to serve a specifically designed function for the community. Users could access each organelle by clicking on its icon under the default local navigation controls:

Some of the ideas we have in mind for organelles include:

This would be a group calendar for the community that could either be controlled by the moderators or be crowd sourced by the collective vote of the branches members. Users might for example post events to the organelle but only those that received the most up-votes would appear on the calendar to the wider community.


This organelle would be designed to facilitate educational needs within a community. Mods could appoint 'teachers' to be its own internal moderators. There would be space to share and browse educational resources, posts could be tagged in a variety of ways to allow for specialized sifting, and educational AMA's could happen here. It could also link up with the main educational root branch which would form a connection between it and all other school organelles on the platform, allowing for efficient cross-sharing of resources.

The chat organelle would make it easy for users to start conversations with other branch members. This would include the ability to create group conversations as well as audio and video chat. In the organelle users could browse a list of current group conversations taking place, request to join one, create their own, or look through a list of other users available to chat.


This organelle would be designed to help users interested in dating find others with the same interest in the community. It would use fairly standard dating site features but would be completely free and something that could be installed into any community on the platform. If users were interested they could potentially choose to allow data from their account to be used to help suggest matches.


A radio station for the branch that, like the calendar, could either be controlled by the moderators or be crowd created by the collective vote of the branches members. Users could submit and vote on new music in the organelle and then an algorithm that the mods could tweak would be used to determine which tracks were played 'on air' to the rest of the community.

This would essentially be the same as the branch radio but instead applied to video content. In the case of both branch T.V and branch radio, a live element could also be integrated.

This is an idea that would come in much further down the line but would essentially be designed to help facilitate the creation of a collectively owned and run bank for the community, able to invest in ventures that represent the interest of its members, and potentially integrating an inbuilt digital currency.

The business organelle would provide users with a framework and additional tools designed to help run a company.


Being supporters of the open source movement and the benefits inherent in decentralized collaboration our hope is that as the platform expands we will be able to encourage a global community of developers to participate with us in designing and optimizing new organelles that can help online communities work together in all kinds of powerful and exciting new ways as of yet unexplored.

If you have an idea for an organelle that you want to let us know about, email it to suggestions@weco.io or submit a post describing the idea to b/wecofuturefeatures.

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