A more efficient way to organize information
and governance within each community

Every branch includes a 'Nucleus'. This section could be described as the control hub for each community. Here users can find a variety of information about the branch and the branches moderators can access the tools they need to run their community. It can be found by clicking on the 'O' symbol in the branches local navigation controls on the side-bar, as seen in the image below. The Global Nucleus can also be accessed by clicking on the corresponding symbol on the top bar next to the home button.

Each nucleus would contain the following sub-sections:

About - This section provides a space for moderators to explain what their community is about and the rules they use to moderate content. It also contains basic information such as the date the branch was created and the user who created it.

Moderators - Here you can find a list of branches moderators and their job titles within the community.

Settings - On this page moderators are able to adjust the branches visible name, its flag and cover images, the branches description, and its rules and etiquette.

Mod Tools - This page includes an additional list of controls for moderators including the ability to add and remove other moderators, review child branch requests, remove existing child-branches, submit parent-branch requests, and view the moderator action log.

Flagged Posts - This section lists all the posts that have been flagged by users in the branch. It's possible to filter flagged posts by the type of flags they have received, the date they were posted, and their post type. Moderators can then either correct the post, mark it as resolved, or remove it from their branch.

By grouping all this content into one location in the Nucleus and arranging it in a clean and organized manner, it makes it easier for users to navigate and saves moderators the struggle of having to cram all the information about their community into a narrow space on the side of the page, as is currently the case on Reddit and other social news sites.

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