Advanced sub-features built into users profiles

Every user on the site has their own unique profile page that can be accessed by clicking on their username or their profile picture on the right hand side of the top bar.

Each profile page is currently split up into three sections:

About - This section is visible to everyone on the site and contains basic information about the user.

Settings - Here users can browse and control their accounts settings. This includes the option to upload new profile and cover images, change their visible name and email address, and set whether NSFW posts are hidden or visible.

Notifications - This section contains a time-stamped list of all the users notifications displayed in the order they were received.

If the platform continues to grow we have a number of additional planned features that we would like to build into users profiles as soon as we have the resources to do so:

Timeline - The Timeline would list all of a user's activity on the platform including their posts, reposts, comments, and up/down votes.

Stream - The Stream section would be a personalised wall that integrates the top news from all the branches the user follows into a single news feed.

Saved - Once it's possible for users to save posts and comments, the Saved page would contain a list of all the post and comments the user has saved.

Inbox - This section would allow users to send and receive private messages from other users.

Users will have the option to choose individually whether the 'Timeline', 'Stream', and 'Saved' tabs are publically visible to other users visiting their profile or private and visible only to themselves.

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