How to use Weco...

The image below maps out the main sections of Weco's user interface:

The first thing to know when exploring the platform is how to use the navigation controls. These are split into local and global navigation controls.

Local Navigation Controls
The local navigation controls, pictured below, can be found under every branches flag image on the side bar. These controls allow you to navigate your way around each branch and submit new content.


The Nucleus, explained in more detail here, is like the control hub for each branch. It contains information about the community, a list of its moderators, the branches main settings, and allows the branches moderators to access further moderation tools.


Child Branches
This button takes you to a list of the branches child-branches. These are ranked initially by their total points, including all points gained within their own child-branches, but can also be sorted by the number of posts they include, the number of comments they include, or the date they were created. When you click on a child-branch, it takes you directly to its wall.


The wall of each branch is essentially the same as any other social news wall. The only difference is a few new wall filters and that you’ll find posts from all of that branches child-branches included on the wall. Posts made to the wall of a branch will not only appear on its own wall but also on the walls of all of its parent branches, going all the way up to the global wall which includes every post on the entire platform.

  Follow/Unfollow Branch
This button allows you to follow or unfollow a branch. After being clicked the grey plus symbol disappears and the eye turns blue to indicate that the branch is being followed. The user can then click the same button again to un-follow the branch.

Global Navigation Controls
The global navigation controls, pictured below, are located on the left side of the top bar.

While the local navigation controls take you to the nucleus, child-branches, or wall of the branch you’re in, the global navigation buttons take you to the global nucleus, root branches, and global wall. These are the corresponding sections of the highest level branch 'b/root' which includes all other branches on the site.

  Home Button
Clicking the weco logo takes you back to the homepage.

Global Nucleus
The global nucleus contains basic information about weco and is where the global moderators can be found who act as the site admins.


Root Branches
The root branches are the most encompassing branches on the platform. All new branches start out initially at the bottom of the root branch list until they are accepted into a parent branch.


Global Wall
The global wall is like the front page of Reddit, integrating all posts from all branches on the site.

Creating a New Branch
To create a new branch, browse your way to the child-branches page [ ] of the community you want your new branch to be located in and click on the ‘add new content’ button [ ] next to the wall filters. You will now have the option to choose a unique name that will become part of your branches URL and a visible name that will appear to users when they view your branch. When first created, all new branches start off as root branches until they have been accepted by the moderators of their requested parent-branch. If your branch isn't showing up in the parent-branch you want straight away, that’s most likely why.

Alternatively, if you are intending to create a root branch, click the root branches button on the top bar [ ] and then click the ‘add new content’ button [ ] next to the wall filters. Wherever you choose to start out, you will always have the option to submit a new parent-branch request and relocate at a later point so don't worry too much if you can't find a suited parent-branch straight away.

Once created, you will find that you have been positioned as the first moderator of the branch and have access to the Settings and Mod Tools sections in its Nucleus [ ].

In the Settings section you can change the branches flag and banner images, the branches visible name, and edit the branches ‘Rules & Etiquette’ and ‘Description’ text. This text then appears to other users in the ‘About’ section of the Nucleus when they visit the branch.

In the Mod Tools section it’s possible to add and remove other moderators, submit a parent-branch request, review child-branch requests, and view the moderator action log.

Submitting a parent-branch request sends a request to the moderators of the parent-branch you would like your branch to be located in.

'Review Child-Branch Requests' shows you a list of all the branches that have requested to be located within your branch.

Clicking to show the Moderator Action Log revels a time-stamped list of all actions taken by moderators within the branch since it was created.

The Flagged Posts section allows you and other moderators to review flagged posts within the branch. These are ranked by the number of flags they have received but can also be filtered by the type of flags they have received, the date they were posted, or their post type.

Clicking on the red flag symbol next to each flagged post reveals the amount and type of flags the post has received and gives moderators the choice of how to respond.

User Accounts
User accounts and settings can be accessed via the controls on the right hand side of the top bar. Before you've logged in the options to log in or create a new account will appear here.

Once logged in, this part of the top bar will then display a bell icon indicating the number of new notifications to your account, your unique username, a small thumbnail image of your profile picture, and a drop down menu with a list of all the branches you follow and the option to log out.

If you click on the thumbnail image or username you will be taken to your accounts Profile page. Eventually this page will include a number of sections that haven’t yet been built in including a Stream, Timeline, Saved section, and an Inbox for user to user messaging. More information about these future features can be found here. For the time being, the pages that are currently functional are the ‘About’ page, the ‘Settings’ page, and the ‘Notifications’ page.

The About page contains basic information about your account that will be visible to other users. Eventually this will also be where the list of branches and users you follow are located.

The Settings page is where you can control all your accounts settings. This includes the ability to upload a new profile picture or banner image, change your visible name, email address, date of birth, and toggle on or off the visibility of NSFW posts.

The Notifications page lists all the notifications your account has received. These include everything from moderator invitations, changes to branches you moderate, comments on your posts, replies to your comments, and notifications of flagged content. If you interact with a notification by clicking on a link it contains it will automatically mark the notification as read. Alternatively, notifications can be manually marked as read by clicking on the grey circle at the top right hand side of each notification [ ].

If you still have any questions about how to use any aspect of the weco system that haven't been explained here, don't hesitate to send an email to or submit a post to b/beta-questions.

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