Weco is more than just another Reddit clone. We're offering a range of new features that aim to solve existing problems with the social news model, open up new possibilities for social news communities, and give power back to our users. Find out more about each new feature here:


A transparent, non-profit, and democratic company structure


A more efficient way to organize social news communities


Polling tools built into the design for a variety of uses


Posts and branches can exist in multiple locations in the system without creating duplicates

User Profiles
Advanced sub-features built into users profiles


'Apps for communities'

Decision Trees

A new tool for collective decision making

Reputation Systems

Track karma stats, earn reputation points in communities, and weight the ranking of wall results

If you have an idea for a new feature t
ell us about it in a post to b/wecofuturefeatures
or send an email to: suggestions@weco.io

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